Right now, as I am writing, the individual who I find to be the single most beautiful person in the world is sleeping in my dorm room. Now what do I do in such a situation? You see the real question at hand is whether one is duty bound to express one's belief in the ultimate aesthetic beauty of a certain individual or, maintain a sense of composure and not freak the hell of a certain swede who must spend the rest of the week sleeping not three feet from the person who has declared his undying love for them? Does one owe it to themselves to tell the person they beleive is the most beautiful person in the world that they are the most beautiful person in the world? I cannot answer this question at the moment, as my drunken ramblings are prohibitive of any sort of coherent analysis of the situatuion at hand beyond a superficial description of the existential question of whether or not it is better to be dammed because of a failure to do something or whether it is better to be dammed for doing something. I personally can't say which is best at the moment. I probably will remain in the shade of remorse for the rest of my life because this woman will have been so close and yet so far. How cruel is that? The worse part of it all is that she will probably be comepletely oblivious to it all. Ignorance is bliss. But I fear that bliss is true love of a woman.