Use of innit.

Innit is a contraction of "isn't it?", and as such its use should be restricted to "That's cool, innit?" or "That dog is blue, innit?", and never "He's cool, innit?", or "That man is blue, innit?". Its increasing use as a general afirmative is bad too. I've recently seen a play entitled "Don't Look At My Sister, Innit" advertised. Shudder. I know innit is slang, but it drives me up the wall when it's used unsuitably. Some would argue that it's an acceptable substitute for the French "N'est-ce pas?" or Japanese "Ne-"; but I wouldn't.

Also, I don't like it when folks "try and" do something. Shouldn't that be "try to" in most cases?

Everyone should speak proper like what I do.