I've just had a wisdom tooth out a few hours ago. It was the upper one mentioned in "my wisdom tooth issue."

When I rolled up the the reception desk I was immediatly given two regular painkiller tablets.

In the waiting room, I meet friends from college, one of whom had just had three out. Her mouth and teeth were stained red. With blood. But she seemed OK.

The dentist met me with a hearty handshake. He was an extraction specialist, brought in for a day's tooth pulling. The only part that hurt was the anaesthetic injections. The dentist then went in with what looked like a little crome crowbar and drew the tooth part way out. He then removed it all the way with a perfectly normal looking wrench. He elected to leave the supernumerary in for fear of puncturing my sinus, but suggested that it may just drop out by itself later.

During the proceedure, I couldn't feel any pain, but I could feel and hear everything shifting around in my mouth.


Now it's 6.15pm, and I've got a dull ache on the affected side of my face. It turns out I've bitten the inside of my cheek while impervious to pain, too. Natch. And I've just helped hugo rune build a bookshelf from MFI, thereby solving our storage problems at a stroke. Makes a change from stealing stuff off the street.