Today I got lumbered with the torture that is the UK's MOT. This is a basic test of mechanical safety (or otherwise) of all cars on the Queen's wonderful highways that are over the age of four. My car is now coming on for ten years of age, but it's got a fairly low mileage, and is doing fairly well. It's a Mazda 323 2 litre V6 and it had a small flap on one of the tyres. This was right in the centre of the nearside front tire, and unfortunately went just down to the canvas, so there was white poking out from underneth when you levered it back.
I don't know how it happened, but it cost me over a hundred pounds to get another tire. One Hundred quid! All because I have sixteen inch alloy wheels rather than fifteen inchers.
The point of all this is to prove that size DOES matter.