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This is my home node... and I have no idea what to say! I'm currently the super-geek president of the Reno Linux User Group, and seem to be currently sysadmining and writing spastic Perl code for an ISP called INETworld in Reno.

Also in the works is a loose association with the ThomaHaus and Golemworks. Two demented groups of Reno-ness...

Heehee... Oh boy this is way too time consuming ... I better get back to work...

TIME PASSES Ok, apparently I wrote that 2 years ago when this was just known as Everything. Nowadays I'm working for Aztech Cyberspace in Reno (notice the large amount of Reno links.)

Too many things consume my time now. I'm mostly proud of starting to ressurect Dasbistro. Which was this website from the wee olden times that a few people I know manned.

Oh yeah and Netscape really needs VI keybindings.