I would like to add:

I - V - vi - iii - IV - I - IV - V

This is the progression used in the (in)famous Pachelbel's Canon in D, which in itself is possibly the most overplayed piece of classical music.

In addition, it seems to crop up in overplayed pop tunes as well, e.g. Blues Traveler's "Hook" and Green Day's "Basket Case" (although Green Day skips the last IV and extends the V to last for 2 bars). 'S true.

There's a fine line between tradition and stagnation, and some overlap between songs is expected and even a good thing -- without consistent standards there would no way to be revolutionary and "break away" from these standards. Still, I find this progression to be particularily offensive because it's immediately distinctive and long enough that if you recognize it, you know exactly where it's going and it becomes boring. In other words, fuckin' cheesy.