Let me tell you an interesting story.

Ulker, company that produces Cola Turka, for years has been known to be very close to the Islamic community in Turkey.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose own company is a large retailer of Ulker holdings, is now the Prime Minister of Turkey.

He is the founder of AKP political party, whose roots go back to the fanatical organizations in Turkey's history.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan comes from the fanatical Islamic background. He was the Mayor of Istanbul before.

After finishing his time as Mayor, he was sentenced to some years in prison for his speeches threatening Turkey's democratic system, such as bringing Islamic order to the country.

After he was out of prison he founded AKP party and the party won the elections.

That's when Ulker company commenced its economical leaps. New products, new campaigns. They dominated some of the food market.

When Cola Turka campaign was launched, the people who voted the AKP started to buy Cola Turka. So those sales figures are not specifically related to the advertising campaign featuring Chevy Chase. This is a sociological result of a conflict between the secular side and the fanatical Islamic side of Turkey.

Cola Turka is just a new way of dominating the political scene. Funny thing is, people who hate liberalism and democracy use the methods of liberalism and democracy to overcome.

And, of course, look at Mecca Cola! Isn't it the same effort?