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mission drive within everything
not to fuck it up too badly that someone else can't even clean up my mess.
oh, but i have so many.
don't shit where you eat.
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Create a life if cancer is evident? (idea)
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i have chosen to dedicate this to my professors and what comes out of their mouths.

kane on creationism: "for all those days there was nothing. then there was a chicken." kane on god: "he must be space because space is the only infinite thing." kane on life: "there's nothing in the world that won't bite you in the ass."

jetter on food: "when i have the choice between a snickers bar and...squash, i'll take the snickers. although, i do like zucchini bread." jetter confusing himself: "they get together sorta like a bunch of balls...glued together...sorta...yeh...sorta." jetter on drugs: "you wanna get a buzz? go run into trees or something."