A genital piercing taking the form of a pair of barbells, one on either side of coronal rim of the penis head. Since on uncircumcised men, the coronal rim is covered by foreskin except during erection, this particular piercing is only advisable to those who have undergone circumcision.

It is rumoured that this piercing, being a sexual enhancer, was created by a young Jewish medical student, who wanted to regain some of the sensation he felt he had lost as a result of circumcision.

Expect swelling. A lot of swelling.

Also see: Dydoe and deydo, both of which are spelled incorrectly (a dydoes is always a pair of piercings referred to as one), and are close in meaning, but still wrong. (According to the book cited below.)

Taken from The Body Art Book, by Jean-Chris Miller.