Those Windows keys (the two "Windows" keys and the "Menu" key) anyone with a keyboard for an x86 computer is stuck with these days are useful in operating systems other than Windows. You just need to bind them to something. Add the following to your .xmodmap file:

keycode 0x73 Win_L
keycode 0x74 Win_R
keycode 0x75 Menu

and now you can do with them as you wish (just don't forget to load your .xmodmap every time you start X). Under GNU Window Maker, I have the Windows keys cycle consoles and the Menu key pop up the root menu. Immensely, immensely useful.

You can also use them even if you're not using X. Find the keyboard-code utility of whatever OS you are using (Linux: loadkeys; FreeBSD: kbdcontrol) and then set it up so that those keys do something.

For heaven's sake, don't eviscerate your keyboard just because you haven't found a use for those keys yet.