The belief that scientific evidence of the physical development and evolution of the universe can be reconciled with the account of the Creation as given in The Holy Bible and other religious texts.

There is quite a bit of throroughly terrible creation science, because it is based on misunderstandings/distortions of both scientific principles and scripture. On the other hand, there is quite an honest and well-founded belief in Creation Science by some scientists who have found it possible to reconcile their rational understanding with their faith.

"If the universe has a finite stock of order, and is changing irreversibly towards disorder -- ultimately to thermodynamic equilibrium -- two very deep inferences follow immediately. The first is that the universe will die, wallowing, as it were, in its own entropy.... The second is that the universe cannot have existed for ever, otherwise it would have reached its equilibrium end state and infinite time ago. Conclusion: the universe did not always exist."
-- Paul Davies, God and the New Physics