Yes . . . yes. There is no other experience like moshing. This is a great way to release anger without (hopefully) hurting anyone (too badly) and having a lot of fun at the same time. It's pure action. You get totally exhausted, and say, "Okay, I'm not going back in." A couple minutes later, you find yourself back in the thick of it, crashing into like-minded individuals left and right in a violent, energizing frenzy.

Someone I know recently argued with me that crowd surfing was what it's all about, and moshing was stupid. I shook my head at this poor soul, who's only experience in either of the two was at the yearly watered-down, alterna-crap festival sponsored by the local "trendy alternative station", to quote another "trendy alternative station." Not to put down such concerts, as they can be fun . . . at times. But . . . come on. Seriously. Anyways, crowd surfing is reasonably fun, I guess, if you like being groped by sweaty fat people while constantly being at the risk of permanent cranial damage. Some of the more jaded would argue it's not that different from moshing - but anyone with experience can tell you different.

To summarize, it would do most people a lot of good to jump in the pit once in a while. Have fun. And stay the fuck away from Victory Records hardcore. Death to Earth Crisis. Vegan Reich can suck it.

(NOTE: The last paragraph excludes, of course, the mighty Snapcase and any other band on Victory that's good . . . I can't think of another off the top of my head.)