An even more detailed account.

Rancid is the next step on the evolutionary ladder from Operation Ivy. Not to say they are better than Op Ivy. Operation Ivy consisted of some dude named Jesse on vocals, Tim Armstrong on guitar, Matt Freeman on bass, and Dave Mello on the drums. They broke up, and went their seperate ways. Reportedly, Jesse joined the peace corps. He's back though, with a new band called Common Rider. Dave went on to be in numerous other bands, and Tim and Matt went on to form Rancid.

Rancid was originally formed by Matt just to keep Tim from killing himself with drugs and alcohol. After losing the driving force in his life (Operation Ivy), Tim found solace in substance abuse. Bass wizard Matt Freeman, Tim's friend since early childhood, hated seeing his friend caught in this void of self-destruction and thus formed Rancid.

Rancid put out a bunch of albums and are often compared (always unfairly) to The Clash. Although The Clash influenced them, they really aren't anything like them. Come on, did The Clash ever play songs like "Ghetto Box" or "Axiom"? Of course not (but don't get me wrong, I love The Clash too). Anyways, Rancid has a new one out on Hellcat Records, their second self-titled to date. It's an incendiary mix of high-speed hardcore and classic street punk, and well worth your time.

NOTE: Most of this (save the last paragraph before this) was sarcastic. I love Rancid, they're probably my favorite band. They had quite a bit of mainstream success with their fantastic album ". . . And Out Come the Wolves." Their follow-up, "Life Won't Wait", was a long, much more ska-influenced epic. A lot of their fans hated it. I think it's by far their best album.