Notorious murderer who shot 13 people in less than 15 minutes rs on September 6th, 1949. Born in 1921 in Camden, NJ. Student of theology and pharmaceuticals. Joined the Unites States Army in 1941 and served as a sniper in Germany during World War II. Recorded puzzling and morbidly intricate details concerning the demise of German soldiers he killed (ie facial expression upon demise). His fellow soldiers noted that he preferred to clean his gun or read the Bible than spend time with women.

Once the war was over he returned to Camden and lived a quiet life devoted mostly to his studies and his hobby of gun collecting. He built a shooting galley in his basement and practiced shooting every day. Over time he began to develop paranoia regarding his neighbors, and began to document in a journal everything he believed they were saying about him. With the help of his father he built a large fence with a gate around his house to protect him from those outside.

On September 9th he came home to find that the gate had been stolen. He calmly retrieved a German Luger and another gun from his collection and left his house. In about 12 minutes he systematically murdered almost everyone in his neighborhood. He then returned home to get more ammunition. The police surrounded his residence and used tear gas to subdue him. He gave up without a fight. He was immediately declared insane and sent to the Trenton State Hospital.

Many people joke about how much they hate their neighbors / coworkers / etc. and would like to shoot them all, but Howard Unruh did it. His most famous quote is:

"I would have killed a thousand people, if I'd had bullets enough."

(most of this info from the internet)