One of the yuckier games on the Turbo Grafx 16(TG16).
Its hard to tell wether NEC intended this as some sort of parody. Where do I begin? The voice: some goofy villain in a purple robe yells "I'm Doctor Bomb!" at you, all the time stabbing at you at a rediculous rate. Then there's the continue screen. first he(the villain!) tells you "You have # left. push run.", where # is how many continues you posess. If you are "lucky!" enough to press run, the villain slaps his head and says so. ("Lucky!") if you run out, or fail to push run, he says 'It's a cruel world.'

Then there is the game itself. It consists of you, playing as bravoman, kicking and punching small, pesky robots with your inspector gadget style extending arms, legs, and head. the time you hold the button determines how far you punch/kick/headbutt, but only to a point. powerups consist of spare parts, rice balls, and lines of a kanji(yes, in an american game) in bubbles in various places.

Overall, this is the kind of poorly translated, could-have-been fun game that marked the Turbo's early years in this country. Pick it up only if you want a good giggle.