What L'Homme Tomate says would provide an explanation (albeit hypothetical) to some of the previously asked questions: Why would Gargamel want to destroy the Smurfs? and Where did the 'kid' Smurfs come from?

Basic data:

  1. G. needs the Smurfs as an ingredient
  2. G. knows how to create a Smurf (or something quite similar to a Smurf, both in visage and behavior)
  3. G. wants to destroy the Smurfs in one episode
  4. In several/many other episodes, he attempts (and sometimes temporarily succeeds) in capturing Smurfs/a Smurf
  5. Under normal conditions, there are no Smurfs visible in G.'s house - a captured Smurf always manages to escape (=there are no Smurfs in his house at the beginning, there are none at the end)
  6. In one episode, the kid Smurfs just are there as if they always were, am I correct?
  7. G.'s house is in quite a decrepit state
Now, let's speculate: Gargamel has created ALL the Smurfs for the purpose of making gold. Some of them have escaped, now they live as "wild" Smurfs. Q:Why "some"? A: I'm more and more convinced of it. He must be getting his food from somewhere and he doesn't strike me either as a farmer nor as a hunter. Therefore, he must trade the food (and other things) for something, presumably gold. That he makes from the Smurfs - but he is in a constant lack of these Therefore, from time to time, he goes to hunt the "wild" ones. From time to time, when he creates new Smurfs to be converted to gold (I don't know how he does that and I probably don't want to know), some of them escape. That would explain, why the 'kid' Smurfs just appear and nobody seems to take it as an important event - it must be pretty commonplace, then. Why did only the 'kid' Smurfs escape? A question to be answered. (Maybe they could squeeze through cage bars or something of that kind). Are they 'kids' after all? Maybe they are a result of one of G's 'not-quite-finished' spells - he's not too good a wizard.

Which would leave only the Smurfette unexplained. The usage as a lethal weapon could be justified in a time of plenty of "captive" Smurfs - then the "wild" ones would prove only an annoyance to be wiped out (something feels wrong in this last theoryconjecture...but what?).