All these nodes by stuffthings (E1 user, never logged in) are now snuffed things:

Note: I continue to be fascinated with users that post inane drivel that, across nodes, retains a consistent mélange of themes and images. In the case of Mr. Stuffthings, these are: spleens and other gastrointestinal functions, "jorks", Nazis, "Wal-Martians" and the stabbing of children.
  • or: "The disjunctive conjunction everyone loves. Don't you like it? If not , you are one of those nazis ( like play). Or at a bare minimum, you're a jork."
  • lice: A short poem about a Bunny, and Stalin. Too painful to reproduce here.
  • ulcers: "Ulcers are a special nodule factory which reside in your spleen-location. Not actually IN your spleen, but they are just in another location... your spleen is also in a location. See what they have in common?" Um, no?
  • nozzle: Informs us that nozzles are necessary for stabbing children. Thanks, I'll make a note of it.
  • mkfs: "A highly effective piece of antivirus software for unix". Not unless making filesystems cures viruses...
  • John Gilmore
  • : "He has many positive attributes. For one thing, he is not coleman. He also doesn't hang around with nazis. I wonder what he&thinks of stabbing children. He is neither a jerk nor a dork nor even a jork."
  • anatomically correct ooze: (excerpted) "Normal ooze can do the most disgusting things....anatomically correct ooze, however, will not corrupt your precious gastric juices"
  • Wal-Martians: Contained instructions on how to strap cheeseburgers to your head to avoid radiation when they invade.
  • fecalphilia: accuses the creator of the node being a Wal-Martian, and of not knowing that this is actually coprophilia (though he is correct about this latter part).

All these by Cheesemaker are now curds and whey:

  • Beefcake: Apparently it will make you "so buffed you can't get on a bus". Pass me a big ol' slice, the M42 is supposed to arrive in a few minutes...
  • gender polls: " you want to see my gender poll?" Eeeeeewww. I think.

Ye gods: spleenhead has not logged in since April, has no writeups, and so can probably be returned to the nodegel.