O dem bones, I am not nearly as clever or creative as sensei.

I listen for the subtle vibrations of the nodegel, but I hear only silence. I gaze into the dark, brackish node waters but I see only my reflection. I toss a pebble into the center of the pool and I see expanding, concentric circles, but I do not understand their meaning.

I am afraid, but I have faith that the universe will unfold itself as it should.

I listen to old R.E.M. songs, from back when they really knew how to kick it.

I order sushi for lunch.

And I continue to hope.

Killed all these writeups by evro, a dear departed E1:

  • Jesus Christ: Uninformative "see also" node. Paused for quite a while before clicking "yes" to dismiss the popup window 'Kill "Jesus Christ" (person)?'. This perhaps does not bode well for the already-tattered skein which is my immortal soul.
  • fuck them: Why the hell do so many noders writeup every possible combination of stuff-you-can't-say-on-the-radio and then define it as, e.g. "something you can say when you're mad at people"? Folks, we are aware of the mechanics of swearing. There's no need to spell it out for us.
  • bimbo: "Fun incarnate. See also ..." BOOM.
  • full frontal nudity: "The only reason to go to the movies..." And then evro tells us that he has not yet chosen a major. Perhaps he was watching too many movies.
  • Does HTML work in Everything?: "No. Well, Yes" and then goes on to node some gibberish
  • the most important thing: Mr. Evro informs us that the most important thing is that thing which is the most important, and not the things (wait for it) which are of lesser importance. Everybody following so far?
  • trash can face: Something he just invented, perhaps interesting, but we never get to find out what it is.
  • understand: "To comprehend, to make sense of. To know what somebody is talkin about. When I was little I fell down and bumped my head." The first part is done far better by Mr. Webster's writeup. The last part perhaps explains why.

Gods: Nodeshells leftover from the filthy destruction above that can go: fuck them, trash can face.

Much more to come if I have time left today, but I'm getting on a plane in a few hours. I found a tremendous honkin' mound of awful writeups last night by doing a search on ass. It seems that the E1 users's extended fascination with ass chips, etc., sparked no end of useless peripheral writeups. If I don't get to these today, in my next log the word of the day will be ass.