A type of biscuit made by Bahlsen. It is German in origin and on its own packet describes it as 'first class', something which I would not disagree. This is because it serves important functions in my life:

1)Gives me something to dunk in my even more vital tea.

2)Gives me much needed simple sugars so i can stay up all hours trawling the web and reading/writing up on e2.

3)Gives the sad person that I am something to look forward to when the next packet to arrives, via the weekly shopping, to my cupboard.

For those hoping to emulate the crisp wafer with hazlenut nougat filling topped with delicious dark chocolate,it's ingredients are as follows: Sugar, cocoa mass, wheatflour, hydrogenated vegetable fat, hazlenuts, cocoa butter, whey products, low fat cocoa powder, butter oil, sweet whey powder, whole milk powder, emulsifier lecithin, flavouring, invert sugar syrup, skimmed milk powder, salt, lactose, sodium bicarbonate.

Personally, I'd buy some but I know personal opinions can be frowned on at times:-)

Note: These biscuits should be kept in an airtight container.