DOB: 26/3/1961
Location of Birth: Rotherham, England
Education: Wath-on-Dearne Comprehensive School(Rotherham),Magdalen College at Oxford University, as well as INSEAD Business School, France.

William Hague is the leader of the opposition parties in Britain, which is a role he assumed automatically by being the leader of the second largest political party currently in parliament, the Conservatives. He is also the Member of Parliament for Richmond in Yorkshire. He held numerous low level ministerial posts in the Conservative government of the 90s, before becoming party leader after the Conservatives lost the 1997 general election to Tony Blair's Labour Party.

The only other thing of interest about this man is that he married Ffion Jenkins in December 1997, who some may consider a bit of a fox, not me though, I think it is unwise to say such things about the wives of high powered politicians.

nb this man is a complete fucking idiot

UPDATE - Resigned after losing the 2001 june election to the Labour party, his succesor is yet unclear.