After careful consideration I have decided that my sanity did return at 10:00am BST yesterday

...Today was a day of learning. This is quite an achievement considering I was in school all day, but never the less it happened. Politics classes were their own usual ramble of Margeret Thatcher, the 'new right' and market economies. Their is perhaps nothing I like debating more than whether people should be aloowed to pay privately for health care, hence jumping the queue on the NHS. History was history, as history always is but today it was of the Russain pesuasion. Did you know that in 1905 Leon Trotsky took over a trade union organisation for completely image purposes? Did you also know that azure83 is a Leon Trotsky look-a-like?...

...This evening I get the dubious honor of a nice meal to celebrate my grandmother's 73rd birthday...more news on that later

Reasons to be cheerful: The Greek ferry disaster was an insurance scam, so the barstards are getting tried for murder.

Reasons not to be cheerful: As above, but now taking into account that 63 lives were lost.