Loss of sanity was achieved yesterday at approximately 23:54 BST.

This meant the early hours of this morning were spent scrawling madly over a bit of paper, not a good start. At least the day at that point could only get better and to this point, it has! What is written below is the edited highlights of the scrawling from this morning. At this point in time, I will refrain from sharing with E2 what events drove me into such a state, as it will only serve as the tool for you all to judge me from your own subjective views,sorry. All I can say is that it was important to me at the time and perhaps in the future when I have gained much need perspective I will be able to deal with the events in question but right now I am more concerned with the emotions surrounding them.

The pain in my chest; heartburn or heart-attack?

At least it fills the empty space

When all you can feel is the consequences of the weeks gone by. It all seems so sterile and without meaning. You are left recognised but not acknowledged. This is not indulging in self-pity, this is not a cry for help, this is reality, meaningless, purposeless reality.

All I know is that I’m left with the distinct feeling that no one is listening.

When I woke up this morning I felt very detached from the words staring up at me from the paper. Of this, I am glad.

Reasons to be cheerful: It didn't rain

Reasons not to be cheerful: Two of my friends are seeing Radiohead tonight and I'm not.