There is no word meaning "To make blue," if there were it would be Bluen we might assume, just as Redden or Blacken?

But how about the rest of the colors? It is considered North Eastern American vernacular to utilize a noun complicit in an action with a given tense in order to fashion a new verb: for example,

"She shoed herself across the floor."

"After a hard day laboring, he was brained."

So, according to this: Blue makes sense as a new verb... just as green or yellow, but what of the many many other colors such as Tobacco, Cornflower, Periwinkle, etc.?

According to modern linguistics, or, more aptly, in accordance with modern linguistics there can be no Orwellian "1984" state of rhetoric, as there will always be a term or more replacing any outmoded words. Perhaps anxiety relating to such matters of lack of freedom of thought and action keep us from allowing ourselves a word which might efficiently describe the coloration of the new sofa by our toddlers' blueberries. (pertaining directly to the color, and not any loss of temper, cleanliness, or possibly even couch!)