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Greebo: in [Birmingham], [England], a [person] who considers themselves to be [interesting] and [alternative]. For the [amateur], these can be [distinguished] by the following [trait]s:

  • [Jeans], [flares] or [combat trousers] large enough to fit the wearer down one leg of, which may be [khaki] or any [colour] which appears to have been mixed with khaki. Or, recently, bright purple.
  • A [variety] of '[wallet chain]s' hanging down the side of one [leg] of these trousers to [approximately] [knee] level, [none] actually [attached] to a [wallet].
  • [Hooded sweater] in similar range of colours to trousers, usually bearing the insignia of [Korn], [Limp Bizkit], [Papa Roach] or [Nirvana]. [Occasionally] the band logo is replaced with a [witty] comment such as '[psychobitch]'.
  • In Birmingham, a [tendency] to frequent the [flapper and firkin|Flapper & Firkin] pub and [believe] it to make them [cool].
  • Often [adopt] [self-mutilation] in large groups and then [wander] around comparing [scars]. In the same [vein], believe that Papa Roach's '[Last Resort]' is a deep, [meaningful] song that they can really identify with.
  • Very [rarely] consider themselves greebos, but become '[goth]s' (black lipstick), '[punk]s' (oversized [bath chain] around neck), '[skater]s' ([skateboard] on back, which they will [amusing]ly [fail] to be any [good] on in [public] places), or the [generic] '[rocker]s'. I do know one who calls herself a greebo, though.

In [years gone past] greebos were almost [nonexistent], however in [recen]t months, as [rock] music has become [fashionable] once again, it has become the [goal] of many thousands of [teenager]s to purchase a [shiny] new pair of baggy trousers and [mourn] the passing of [Kurt Cobain], resulting in the [greebo population explosion].