A couple of months ago I emailed godhatesfags.com, the Westboro Baptist Church's website, to put forward a couple of questions which they hadn't answered in the FAQ and therefore, I thought, would be more likely to answer. A representative wrote back and for about the next week, before they stopped replying, we argued via email - these are copies of my emails and his replies.

Afterthought: Upon reading this, I discover that the e-mails appear to have been written at a time when, aside from not having yet re-adopted the capital letter, my punctuation was less than perfect. I have left them as is, but would like to apologise for any distress thus caused to fragile pedantic noders.

Dear godhatesfags.com

I have two questions. Firstly, since you offer an explanation of sorts for your use of the word 'fag' to describe gay men, to prove that you are not 'engaging in childish name-calling', I would be interested to know you reason for using the words 'dyke', 'sow' and 'whore' to refer to lesbian women, since to my knowledge these are terms of abuse, pure and simple.

Secondly, you have in your photo archive a picture of the 'bullet-ridden sign' outside westboro baptist church, with the line 'fags are violent'. I wonder if it has not occurred to you that if the main message of your church was, perhaps, that black people are inferior to white or women to men and you pursued it with as much obsession and prejudice, your sign would be equally bullet-riddled. Would you take this as a sign that black people or the female of the species are especially violent?


Although I cannot and do not believe these questions are serious, the answers are:

1. Dykes are what you call yourselves. As for sow and whore, both are perfectly good Bible terms. The sow returning to the mire (come on, I'm sure you've heard of that). There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel (no question you've heard of that).

2. Nowhere in the Bible are black people called an abomination. Fags are. Nowhere in the Bible doies it say that black people are given up (because they are black). It does fags. Black people have zero control over the color of their skin. Fags, on the other hand, can control their filthy, vile, beastial urges.


Chris R. Davis

The questions were serious.

I know that dyke is used as a term of affection in the lesbian community. So is 'queer'. This doesn't refute the fact that I have had both hurled at me as abuse, as i'm sure is the intention of notices proclaiming 'dyke sin', since it's obviously not being used affectionately.

I did not say that the bible called black people an abomination, I wasn't really talking about whether or not homosexuality is a sin, you can believe whatever you choose although i find it somewhat sick. The point i was making is that if you make any group the target of a hate campaign, they are likely to retaliate. Also, I'm sure every homosexual in America did not drive up to your church to shoot your sign, you cannot judge any group by a minority.

Why bestial? To my knowledge most of my friends are human.

The Bible refers to you fags as "natural brute beasts." 2 Peter 2:12. You know, no conscience, no morals, controlled by your lusts, libidinous, no proper thoughts about God, eternity and hell.


Chris R. Davis

You are wrong. I have morals and, whereas mine are based on my own knowledge, intelligence and conscience, yours appear to be based solely on an ancient religious text, much of which may well have been either invented or grossly exaggerated. I admit that I am, to an extent, controlled by my lusts and, as you put it, libidinous. Most human beings are. Am i any more so than a heterosexual man who rapes a woman for sexual pleasure? and i do have thoughts about God, eternity and hell, although probably not by your definition 'proper' ones as most of them lead to the conclusion that god and hell are an invention of humanity and eternity is something that it is impossible to comprehend.

"The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good." Psalms 53:1. There is coming a day when the Lord God Almighty will require your soul and the only thing left for you will be a certain fearful looking for judgment and fiery indignation, which will devour you. The day is coming, and quickly, when you will look up, being in torments (e.g., gnawing your tongue for pain, being eternally eaten on by the worm that never dies, being tormented eternally in the flames of hell) and see us in the bosom of our Savior and you will curse the day in which you chose to ignore the fact that


Chris R. Davis

I look forward to it, and I'm glad to see that you seem to have given up on attempting rational argument.

It does not get more rational than the pure word of God, which includes


Chris R. Davis

This final reply was accompanied by another email, this time from someone - who I can only presume was some sort of relative of his, given that she had his name - whom he seemed to have given my email address so that she could join in the fun.


To use this name on you, man, what a waste of a very beautiful Bible name. Maybe it wouldn't hurt you to read about this beautiful person of the Bible, it just might prick your heart to say and do things as God has commanded you NOT yourself.

Happy and humble servant of the one and only true God, the God that HATES FAGS AND FAG SUPPORTERS (this can be read without any interpretation in Romans 1)

p.s. Naomi, you truly have the morals and those morals are about as big and good as that of a knat's ass.
p.p.s. You really should learn your grammar and watch your spelling.