In theory, once your addiction takes away all your money, possessions and job, you are turned to any way possible to find money.

This is true, however marijuana is not physically addictive, so the point is irrelevant.

I can give you a list of many studies that show the increase of drugs will lead to an increase in crime.

The only reason this is true is because drugs are illegal. Can you show me a study that shows the legalization of marijuana will lead to an increase in crime? Or even, one which proves that the legalization of cocaine, heroin, and crack (physically addictive drugs) would lead to an increase in crime (not that I'm necessarily encouraging that)? In fact, it would probably lead to a decrease in drug-related crimes if drugs were commercially available at reasonable, competitive prices.

The legalization of drugs in certain European countries has shown that the use of drugs will skyrocket at first when they are legalized, and then soon after drop well below levels before they were legalized. I've not read anything about crime levels, but one could only assume that once drugs are affordable, people won't need to commit crimes to get them.

The only reason marijuana is still illegal is because the US government doesn't want to lose the billions of dollars it gets in taxes to "fight the war on drugs", not to mention all the jobs that exist solely for that task.