In addition to the former post, there is another common usage for the term w00t when it is used as an exlamation of success or happiness.

To begin with some history on the origins of this specific usage the term w00t, one must be vaguely familiar with the Unix or Linux computer operating system. Linux is a multi-user operating system which relies on an order of power, where the most powerful user in the computer system is called root.

Hax0rs, when trying to take control of a remote Linux computer , try to access it on the root level, so as to gain full control over the machine for purposes good or evil.

In my experience, in the olden days of this computer hacking, it became customary for these hax0rs to brag about their feats in chat, such as IRC. w00t thus became the l33t sp34k term for having obtained root access on a machine, or a general expression of "success!" or "I did it!"

Update: 9.30.2003

In my continuing quest for the origins of "woot" I have found the first use of the word on usenet. The post follows.

From: David M Stokes (
Subject: AOE is INCREDIBLE!!!
Date: 1993-09-20 17:22:30 PST

I'm really hoping that someday soon I'll see that subject heading up here... :( Yea I know how you feel. BASTARD! How could I?? Well we got a few guys here at work chewing their legs off waiting... since Feb if I can remember back that long... Oh well...

Word! Woot there it is!


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