Q. Would you pay 160 bucks a month to use E2?

All right, first a brief dissertation on the premise behind the question. Today I paid my ISP bill. Normally I pay $AUD34.95 a month for access. This gives me 150 hours and no MB limit. This is usually more than plenty. Enough to surf around, get some news, Napsterize, stream some music, /., update my website and check the miserly statistics for the same site. March was different. I found E2. I Spent 190 hours online.

Here's the sad details.

In March, I...

1. Updated my site once.
2. Visited Slashdot only 3 times.
3. Slept about 24 1/2 hours.
4. Wrote and wrote more here at E2.

So what did I get for my 125 extra Australian bucks? (roughly 58 US dollars at our currently woeful exchange rate).

Well, I got E2. I get to learn, I get to contribute a little, I get to meet some A-Grade-people (Buono Notte to simonc, Freaek, Kalon, de-frag, Alex.Tan, Lignocaine, Trina and Gemini.

A. Yes (but I will be a little more cautious this month...)