I attend the same school as my esteemed colleague LordNathan and I would like to point out that our football team, made up of mostly underclassmen, made a late surge in the state playoffs and finished in the top 4. Now, we would have surely won the state championship, but most of the good football players in the senior class (my class) were expelled before this year. One for the acid incident mentioned above, and another for engaging in some sort of sex act with a cheerleader in the locker room. These expulsions show the administration is at least partly serious about keeping athletes in line, even at the expense of the football team.

I think the situation is improving overall, but these are limited examples. Unlike LordNathan, I participate in sports at school. I play lacrosse, one of the first sports that I truly enjoy playing, and I'm on the verge of quitting before my final season due to the brainless morons who populate my team. My dad thinks that I "will definitely be missing out" if I renounce my chance to play on a varsity team. Right now, I'm really unsure. Do I love the sport enough to put up with idiots who hate me for another season?

Being in the throes of the college admissions process, I bear a great deal of resentment towards athletes who get the express lane into exclusive colleges. While I understand the economics of the situation (colleges use sporting events to raise money), the jock who gets the Golden Ticket to Stanford still took a spot that 100 other scholars actually deserved for their academic work. While athletic achievement should be respected and rewarded with a spot on a sports team, it does not warrant admission to an institute of education. Academics should always be the prime concern of any educational institution, not athletics.

Perhaps I'm bitter.

I understand that some people may not like this writeup. Instead of downvoting me, why don't you do yourself a favor and go read some hot redheads talk about their sex lives instead?