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[Perisher Blue] is the largest [ski] resort in Australia. I is located in the [Snowy Mountains], about 40km from the town of [Jindabyne]. It was formed about 5 or 6 years ago from the merging of the nearby [Blue Cow]/[Guthega] and [Perisher Smiggins] resorts (which formed from the seperate resorts of Mt [Blue Cow], [Guthega], [Perisher Valley] and [Smiggins Holes].

It is certainly a large resort by Australian/New Zealand standards, and probably even by world standards. It has exactly 50 lifts, and, starting out as four different resorts, it covers a pretty large area of the [Koszciusco] [National Park].

While it is possible to drive to [Perisher], [Smiggins] or [Guthega], many people prefer to park at [Bullocks Flat] below the [snow] line and catch the [Skitube] train through a [tunnel] in the [mountain]. This avoids having to use [chains], drive on the [icy] road, start your car when it's covered in [snow], etc.

While there are a few smaller resorts around, lots of people go to [Perisher Blue] these days. In the past, the smaller resorts would each have things going for and against them in terms of [runs], quality of [lifts] and [weather], making it a bit hard to choose sometimes. But [Perisher Blue] is now so big that there will be something for everyone. If one area of the resort is [shitty], another might be OK.