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To say i was born is really something I cannot tell you in complete honesty as I was told I was there, but I have no recollection of it. Not unlike a drunken blackout. So you must rely on the unspoken truth that I had to be born in order to be writing a bio, and I must have slept with her because there she is lying in my bed. I just hope I wore a condom, and I hope you have an open mind.
My mind refuses to cough up anything that could be used to piece together an idea of who I am. And really, if you hadn't been there, you wouldn't have anything but my side to rely on - and believe me, me has a different outlook. When it comes down to it all the actions, words, and thoughts of me combined are what I am and if you only have two-thirds of the picture, how can you know what i am? But then again, I'm taking this whole bio thing a little too seriously and shouldn't waste time on philosophy. So with that on with the bio!

i currently work as a Fish Inspector for a small fishing company that doesn't exist outside of Berlin, New Hampshire. I spend my days assessing the value of fish and whether or not they are appropriate for being used in various Fast Food restaurant chains. I'm going to go ahead and share with you a trade secret, it's all in the eyes. A nice glossy dead look to the eyes tells you two things: One, it's dead. Two, it's not going to swim away. Stamped, wrapped, out the door. Bingo Bango, another buck in my pocket and another xtra value meal hits the streets. Didn't confuscious say - find a job you love and never work a day in your life? Or was that Pacino in Scarface? I don't know, always mix them up. I hope i've given you a bit of knowledge to arm yourself when attempting to communicate with me, it's been a pleasure.