Early speculation on my entry into my slut phase reveals that I'm more willing to fool around than ever before. What shocks me is that I've been seeing someone for almost two months, and yet I had no problems or regrets about messing around with a guy in the steam room of my best friend's gym less than two weeks ago. The guy I've been dating...he and I haven't really discussed exclusivity yet. And although I like him, I'm most certainly not twitterpated.

This is all so confusing. I just can't find a rational explanation for this shift in my morals. Once upon a time, I focused all my energies on one person and one person only. Now I find myself in what would seem to be a relationship with someone, yet I'm compelled to respond to the attention I'm getting from others. This can't be good for my karma.

Am I turning into the people I despise, one of the whores of West Hollywood?