Every day seems to bring yet another load of unbelievable crap from what passes for an American administration. This country must be on some kind of drug bender, for only a comatose couch potato could sit still and accept this fascist insanity.

Bush has damaged America in more ways and to a depth unthought of in our enemies wildest fantasies. He has squandered our money, our allies, and our future. He has turned the world against us, turned us against ourselves, and made the word "American" mean stupid aggression.

And now this:

WASHINGTON - To aid the fight against terrorism, the Bush administration wants to add a subpoena power that does not require federal investigators to seek approval from a judge or grand jury. Justice Department officials say use of "administrative subpoenas" would enable the FBI to obtain information from records or witnesses that might more quickly prevent a terror strike.

Critics say the extension of power is unnecessary and would permit investigations with no judicial supervision. (Duh.)

What is going on here? Where is the hue and cry? If this was a Democratic administration, the President would have already been impeached for claiming that he served his full term in the Air National Guard. Yet the Right seems to just give this mutt a pass on everything, watching him piss our country down the toilet. Bush is treating America like a corporate raider raping a hostile acquisition.

When will America wake up? How much of the Constitution will be destroyed before we finally throw this crew of misfits out of office?