I have taken down all of the political cartoons I had plastered all over the walls of my office criticizing George Bush. Ditto the news column clips, ditto the cut-and-pasted quotes of those with the temerity and integrity to question the pseudo-democratic farce the Bush presidency has become.

I no longer debate the lack of foresight, compassion, and concern the administration exhibits without the least amount of shame in the face of impacts to our society the likes we haven't seen in a century.

I have simply given up.

Unless something massively catastrophic (yet again) happens, I will cease my diatribes, both in print and in person, against this sick excuse for a government. (I will discuss the issues with like-minded people, however.)

By now, anyone who still can find a rationalization for keeping that lout in office is beyond any form of intelligent argument I am capable of. I feel like Cassandra in Troy.

My heart goes out to the poor victims of his policies, from the uncounted dead in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the hidden torture chambers of our adminstration and their allies, to the old women drowned in their beds in New Orleans waiting for rescuers that never came.

I have only pity for those who still support Bush.