I didn't even bother to watch the news last night, I knew that nothing would be settled by the time I got up. True to predictions, the vote-stealers in Ohio and Florida managed to do their deed for their masters in the White House. Sadly, the people who care are powerless, and the people with the power don't care.

Frankly, if the American public is too stupid to reject Dumya, this country deserves whatever he does to them in the future. Your children will be paying for this for years, some in blood, all in cash. Sadly, the ones that were the most brainwashed are going to be the ones who pay the most.

I forsee a major financial crisis in the near future, which will allow the government to push through Social Security "reform" which will allow the rich to pull their funds out of the program, beggaring the next generation of retirees. I won't even begin to speculate on the imperial aspirations of a Dumya II administration. I pity the rest of the world now, especially developing countries with any resources his cronies can exploit.

The only hope we have is that the final counts favor Kerry. Bush has won, God help us all.