The political news keeps getting weirder and weirder.

We have the Right doing everything but physically attacking Kerry and Edwards as they make an open trip across the country, yet I have yet to hear an intelligent rebuttal to the points the Democratic team is making about national security, foreign relations, or the "war" on terror. However, in order to attend a rally for the current (P)resident, one almost has to submit to a background invesigation. Recently, a couple was arrested (charges later dropped) for wearing anti-Bush T-shirts at a Bush event.

If a President lies about sex, it's a federal crime. If a President lies about national security and gets us into a war, that's fine.

If the Democrats have a Senate candidate that comes from a state other than the one she is running in, she's a carpetbagging whore. If the Repugnicans bring in a pandering (considering why only blacks were considered is an excercise in cynicism) candidate from out-of-state, they are doing what is best for the country.

If you call a Democrat who is President a criminal, declare yourhate openly, and forsake everything in a hot-blooded push to impeach him for a matter that has nothing to do with national security, you are being a good American. If you point out the real and factual errors, fabrications, and outright incompetence of our current (P)resident, you are a traitorous dog that must be shot (and that's the mildest thing I've heard said.)

The Right constantly shows itself to be a bunch of pandering hypocrites more concerned with preserving power, concentrating money in the pockets of their cronies, and doing what ever it takes to stay in a position to continue to do so at all costs. It turns my stomach.