The more I see and hear, the more I wonder how anyone can support the man(?) currently in office. This is a pandering fearmonger who lies to the American public with every breath, and every action of his seems to be calculated to do the most damage to America and its ideals, philosophies, and way of life.

A couple of recent actions demonstrate the lengths this administration and its cronies will go to stay in power, and demonstrate the moral and ethical failings of our current (P)resident.

  • They are intimidating minority voters in Florida. Police have been going through minority communities supposedly investigating "voter fraud", but they are focusing their effort predominantly in areas with large elderly populations. The police (armed and in plain clothes) are going door-to-door in a threatening manner in an obvious attempt to stifle voter participation. (NY Times: Voting While Black, By BOB HERBERT, Published: August 20, 2004)
  • The entire "Swift Boat Veterans" brouhaha. Here a bunch of lying ethics whores are selling their honor for political (or monetary) expedience. A group of veterans who never served with or beside John Kerry are making outrageous statements about actions and events they have no first-hand knowledge of. They cooked up a batch of lies about Kerry that are so odious that the people who actually were there have been coming forward of their own free will to dispute them. As of this writing, the latest is William Rood of the Chicago Tribune, who said in a recent editorial the tales told by Kerry's detractors are simply untrue. Rood commanded one of the boats under Kerry's command during the incident resulting in Kerry winning the Silver Star for valor. It now turns out that Ken Cordier, one of the group of liars, is a Bush campaign volunteer. He has since resigned from the campaign under the scrutiny, but the facts speak for themselves.

This (P)resident is a spoiled frat boy who never earned an honest dollar in his life. Everything of value he ever had was handed to him, which he promptly flushed down the toilet due to incompetent management. From Harken Energy to the Texas Rangers to the United States Government, he has spent other peoples money like a drunken sailor on payday the day before going on an extended duty tour. I literally wonder out loud how anybody can support him without using doublethink on an Orwellian scale. The support he gets from people he has thrown out of work into un- or under-employment puzzles me to no end.