Today was a good day.

This was despite the fact that my day started stupidly early when I awoke at 6am - my first lecture of the day was not until 11am! - I lay in bed listening to the radio until 7.15am and I just had to get up as I was bored. This was probably a consequence of not going to the pub last night thus I was fast asleep in bed by 10:30pm.

From my flatmates' computer, I started researching the theory of transmission lines for my lab report at 8.30am. The report is due in two days time so it really was about time I did something towards it.

I think there are two reasons why today has turned out so good.

Not only did I work this morning but during my 2 hour break between lectures this afternoon, I actually managed to get some work done in the library and tear myself away from surfing Everything. I should be getting serious about my work as Finals are (scarily) only 2 months away.
Over lunch, I started planning a house party. It'll probably be themed; I think I'm going to choose a letter of the alphabet, nothing that puts people off. I love planning parties; the anticipation (and worrying) and the shopping. I can't wait.

I actually achieved today. It's a strange feeling.