The Trees of the Valar are a part of the fictional world of Arda, created in the works of the author J.R.R. Tolkien.

The Trees were created by the Valar, as a replacement for the Lamps of the Valar, destroyed by Melkor in his sudden rebellion. The Lamps had lit all of Middle-Earth, where the Valar once dwelt prior to this betrayal. Abandoning Middle-Earth, the Valar formed a second kingdom in the Western continent, which they named Valinor. Through the combined efforts of the Valar Nienna the Weeper and Yavanna, Giver of Fruits the Trees came into being. Thus began the Ages of the Trees, which began approximately 1,000 Valarian years after the creation of Arda, which translates to 10,000 mortal years. The Ages of the Trees were to last a further 2,000 Valarian years. The first and eldest Tree was named Teleprion, which shone with a bright silver light; Teleprion was also known by the names Ninquelote and Silpion. On his boughs lay a multitude of silver flowers, which issued forth silver dew. The second Tree was named Laurelin, the "Song of Gold", which shone with golden light which fell from her limbs like rain. Her flowers are described as like trumpets and golden flames; in praise she was referred to as Culurien and Malinalda, the "golden tree".

The light from the Trees lit all of Valinor brightly, nourishing all being within their reach. However, to defend themselves from the forces of Melkor, now hiding in his great fastness at Utumno, the Valar were forced to construct a vast natural barrier in the form of the Pelori Mountains. Whilst keeping the Trees safe from the rebellious Melkor, all light from the Trees was blocked from Middle-Earth. However, in the defended Valinor the Valar and Maiar prospered, in a time known as the Years of Bliss. During this 1,000 year period the Valar constructed great fortresses and mansions, as well as bringing into being the Ents, Eagles and Dwarves. It was during this time that the Valar Varda made wells beneath the Trees to catch their light as it fell. Taking the light of Teleprion she rekindled the stars, thus beginning the Age of the Stars in Middle-Earth and awakening the Elves.

Though the light of the Trees lit Valinor for a long time, longer than any Age of Stars or Sun, eventually they were destroyed. Melkor returned to Valinor, and made a pact with the Great Spider, Ungoliant. Ungoliant is described as the foulest of all beings, probably a self-corrupted Maia spirit of immense power. Ungoliant blasted the Trees with a sorcerous fire, and sucked from them the sap of their power. Their light was extinguished, leaving only shattered trunks and roots, blackened and poisoned from the attack. However, all was not lost. From the charred remains emerged a single golden and a single silver flower, which were collected by the mournful Valar. They were named Anar, "the Fire Golden", and Isil, "the Sheen". The Valar Aule the Smith forged two great Lanterns about the flowers, which held their light and prevented their fading. Varda then lifted the Lanterns into the sky, setting them on a course over all the lands of Arda, including Middle-Earth. The Lanterns became the Sun and the Moon, which in turn caused the awakening of Men.

In remembrance of the Trees, Yavanna created a lesser Tree, Galathilion, in the image of Teleprion. She gave this Tree to the Elves of Tirion, who knew it as the White Tree of the Eldar.


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