Hi there. This is my first day log, so please, stay your down-vote trigger-finger if I commit an awful daylog faux-pas. You need only to /msg me about it and it wont happen again.

I am writing this not because I am noding for numbers, becoming a fabled XP whore etc. I'm writing it because right now because I am absolutely, positively, 100%...

Pissed off

Why you ask??? Because right now, today, I have had ENOUGH of my goddamn computer. I mean it, I am fed up to the back teeth with this pissing machine. Allow me to venture briefly into the details of my silicon companion's actions this fine morn.

First of all, several weeks ago my Mandrake linux 8.2 installation broke. Why? Because the hard drive's partition table is permanently corrupted and can only be temporarily repaired. I fell back onto crap old Windows XP, and was briefly content. Earlier today I downloaded all three CDs of Mandrake 9.0, brand spangly new and everything. I had to delete some very good legacy porn to make way for the 1.4 gigabytes required to house the isos. An hour and 3 CD-Rs later I am in business, the install procedure starts and....

Kernel panic: VFS: Cannot mount root fs on 1:03

WTF??? I cry, and retry several times to no avail. 9.0 will not install. "Ah", methinks, "I will reinstall 8.2 and then use the 9.0 CDs to upgrade! I am a genius!!!" Unsurprisingly, this turned out not to be the case. I install 8.2, which takes the better part of another hour. Guess what. No nice pretty windows. All console. Why? Because 8.2 doesnt like my Geforce 4. I am cursed. I am pretty much screwed any way I turn. If this complaint seems minor to you, bear in mind that this is merely the logging truck that broke the rickety bridge. My wonderful machine also relishes crashing randomly, corrupting data I send to my DVD-RAM drive and hanging at those points that you really do need to save your work cos you havent saved in oooo about THREE GODDAMN HOURS.... I have hence come to the conclusion that all operating systems are crap.

Thank you for your time. I apologise if this is against daylog etiquette etc but right now I am frustrated enough to eat lead and piss bullets and frankly I dont give a damn.