Also known as Darza Mate and Darzu Mate, this Latvian goddess was known as the "mother of the garden." Her name apparently comes from the Latvian word darza, which means garden, and mate, which appears to mean mother. She was known as a vegetation goddess and was one of 70 siblings, the oldest of whom was Zeme, the earth goddess. This also may place her as the daughter of the sun goddess, Saule.

Based on the amount of information on the internet devoted to her (a Polish "black metal" band by the same name utterly dwarfs information devoted to the goddess), Darzamat was almost certainly a very minor deity within the Latvian and greater Slavic pantheons.


If you can find any more information on this, by all means fling a /msg in my direction. I find it hard to believe that the entire internet has no more than this, but this is all I found after an hour of searching.