As soon as life gets stressful, my body's reaction is to stop sleeping properly. This is rather counterproductive. Being sleepy during the day means I'm less effective at getting things done, thereby increasing the stress. Last night in bed I was decorating houses and packing boxes all night. So now I'm at work not getting anything done. Hooray.

The stress is because of a Good Thing. I'm moving in with my boyfriend after almost three years! I have wanted to for two years at least now, because even if you live as close to each other as we do (five minuites by bike), it still sucks to lug groceries from one place to the other and to keep track of what stuff is where. We spend almost every day together anyway. Now we can be together and both be at home in between our own stuff! Both at the same time! No more deciding who sleeps where! No more finding out you've left your good clothes at the wrong place! Even better, we're renting two more rooms in the house he lives in, which makes for a total of four large rooms for the both of us. Plus a huge (shared) kitchen and garden. Decorating is rather is stressful already since it all goes much more slowly than I want it to, and next week it needs to be finished. But I can already see it will be beautiful. There is even a cat to play with in the new house.So, much to look forward to.

Even so, the fact that I've now given up on my own place gives me the creeps when I think about it too long. I've put off packing for as long as possible too. I've lived on my own for five years and I've never minded living alone. It means no mess from other people, decorating just as you please, being able to dance around in a silly way with no one laughing at you. And I'm giving that up. No more safe place to flee to if I get tired of company. No more refuge from the boyfriend if he snores. AND I'm moving into a house that is shared by four more people and I already know some of the problems they have. I'm not looking forward to fighting over who has to clean what when with his stupid roomy who lives on the same floor....

In the end it will probably all be good. But for now some valerian is in order.