Or: Egg and Tomato Sauce

The following is a very simple recipe for vegetarian pasta sauce (Vegetarian! Not vegan!). Whenever I tell someone who's never tried it before that this is what's for dinner, they look at me like I'm insane. Egg?! In pasta sauce?.

I admit, it sounds weird, but I guarantee everybody I've served it to has liked it so far. On with the cooking!

You will need (for two servings):

1 onion, diced
200 g mushrooms, sliced
2 eggs
1 can of chopped tomatoes
2 fresh tomatoes, skinned and cubed
1 tub (125 ml) of creme fraiche
100 g grated cheese (I use Goudse, but Cheddar will probably work just as well)
fresh basil, torn into strips

Sautee the onion in olive oil. When the onion is soft, add the mushrooms and sautee them until they start getting soft, too. Then add the tomatoes (canned and fresh).

When the tomatoes start bubbling, break the eggs over the sauce and stir. The eggs should not be scrambled! If this happens stir harder so that the eggs are evenly divided through the sauce without getting lumpy.

Cook until all ingredients are done. Then add creme fraiche, cheese and basil, and salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste. Heat and serve with pasta. The sauce becomes rather thick, so spaghetti is probably not the best choice. Penne are great.

For variation, you can add all kinds of vegetables to the sauce (try bell pepper or zucchini/courgette).