Well, it has been... interesting, to say the least.

It seems to me that organizing a Dutch get-together was above all a good deed. Albert_Herring got some time off from a very hectic month, and Sir_PK and Soberty seemed to like each other a great deal. Why everybody agreed to climb the Domtoren I shall never understand, as two of the participants suffer from vertigo and a third complained about the great many (465) steps she had to go up and, worse, back down again. But hey, we were in my favourite town and did things I like to do so you won't be hearing any complaints from me!

After the great adventure at 102 meters, we went to Café België with the idea our semi-Belgian friend would feel right at home there, and indeed he was immediately familiar with his surroundings and recognized many old friends. Soberty befriended the bartender and masterfully served us our drinks. She turns out to have great talent in many areas, the most noticeable of which seems to be knife fighting.

This knife fighting talent resurfaced later when, over tortelloni and manchego, a series of events happened that I later interpreted to be some kind of mating ritual involving cutlery, cat imitations and a warm coat. However this may be, the evening ended with everybody in their own respective coats and in the right train.

It's amazing how many languages and how much lingual confusion four people can produce. I hope there will be a next time with more people, if only to see how big the confusion will be then...

Pictures of this event can now be viewed at http://sobi.tetrinet.nu/e2 , which just happens to be Soberty's website.