Town in Warwickshire, England. I lived there for a year as an Industrial Trainee student at IBM. 5 years later I was delighted to return, it being one of the nicest places I know. For the years I lived in nearby Birmingham, we would frequently consider how nice it would be to live in Leamington again.

I wouldn't recommend Friday or Saturday nights out pubbing -- it's just too crowded although that might be your bag. With crowds come aggression, though. Thursday is the best night out, in my opinion.

I don't think Leamington is boring - and if you want bright lights the "big city" of Birmingham is a short train ride away -- but I seldom feel the need. Big-name live music is all I miss locally -- there is a thriving local band scene centred around Kelly's pub. Theatre and other arts are available at Warwick Arts Centre, a short bus ride away (buses run late). There are two cinemas (one atrocious, one fine).

I want to stay here a long time. I can't be along, because the house prices are outrageous. That dealer is news to me, though...