An eventful weekend; we moved into our new house. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, pretty much filled by hiring a van (I love vans), hiring a porter's trolley, and shifting all our worldly posessions from one house (largish) to another (small), for we are now homeowners, and we can't afford to buy as large a house as we could afford to rent.

Saturday was fine; we tired ourselves out, but we were OK.

On Sunday we had to work in the pissing rain, as did our friends who generously offered to help.

It turns out the wind and the rain weren't just unpleasant for us: they've brought the whole damn country (of England) to its knees. The port of Dover is closed, and there are passenger ferries circling around in the English Channel waiting to be allowed to dock. New Street Station in Birmingham is closed, due to trees falling across the tracks and so forth, and it's (arguably) the hub of the UK's rail system.

Up here in lovely Leamington Spa, the trains are running a bit late, and the river is a little swollen. Oh, and there's big puddles ("floods") and fallen trees in places, but I'm alright and that's what counts innit.