Yesterday : Tomorrow

Two bits of exciting news.

First, something I already knew about but hadn't put much thought into: the government is subsidising the cost of buying a PC if you're a teacher, to the tune of £500. Debbie, the old B&C is a teacher, so I may well be "suggesting" we get a new PC in the very near future, when I see her tonight.

Secondly: several weeks ago Steve and I both filled in the online forms to register our interest in Demon Internet's ADSL trials -- the moment we found out that Kenilworth and Leamington Spa were both covered. Last night I got a mail, saying that because of overwhelming demand, the trial would be restricted to existing Demon customers. Well, that's me, but not Steve. Result! With the rest of the world defecting to free internet accounts, I finally feel vindicated in continuing to pay my £12.75 a month internet subscription.

So, I signed up for the next stage of the selection process. Fingers crossed. If chosen, I'll be paying £35 a month for the two month trial, then get three months free, once the service comes out of its trial phase.