A wild driving game from Sega for their Naomi coin-op and Dreamcast console.

In Crazy Taxi you are a cabbie in a sunny beachside city with striking similarities to San Francisco.

You pick up passengers, who expect to be dropped off at another location within a time limit. Drop them off quickly and you are rewarded with extra game time.

Customers tip heavily for dangerous driving -- but only when it pays off and you don't collide. You get tips for:

String together a load of Crazy moves in succession, and watch those tips go sky high.

Crazy Taxi is a return to hi-score centric gaming -- it's all about beating your hi score, and that of your friends. For some reason, the hi score has lost favour in recent years, although in the golden age of videogames (Asteroids, Pac Man, Frogger), the hi score was king.