Helix is also the name of a project started by RealNetworks. Under this project, in October 2002 RealNetworks released source code and standardized APIs to facilitate the use of digital media technology. It tries to provide one framework for all digital media needs, such as streaming media, both audio and video.

The source code supplied by RealNetworks will be the code for:

  • a playback application (Helix DNA Client)
  • a media server (Helix DNA Server)
  • an encoding program (Helix DNA Producer).
In October 2002, code for the client has been released.

The source code is offered under either the RealNetworks Public Source License (RPSL), which has been submitted to the Open Source Initiative for certification, or under a more business-like license, the RealNetworks Community Source License (RCSL).

Further information can be found at http://www.helixcommunity.org