Decidedly not a true story...

Your fingers staple pine nuts into everything you touch!

He looked down at the line of dialogue he had just written. It occurred to him to defenestrate the typewriter, but that wasn't the source of the problem. He was. It was so bad that he had actually thought the word "defenestrate".

Shuffling across the room to a window, he placed a pine nut into his mouth. It was a bizarre inspiration he had received, spilling a bowl of pine nuts atop his stapler. But it would allow him to create a figure more human than those around him by virtue of his inhumanity, his lack of real hands. Some would argue that it was derivative, but his work was darker, and different in its portrayal of human nature.

He walked back, and absent-mindedly bumped a table. The scissors atop it fell down, impaling themselves in the carpet. Inspiration came again. He quickly walked back to the stack of papers, digging excitedly for the first page.

He crossed out the title character's surname and wrote "Scissorhands".